Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just Like Starting Over...

This is my first blog entry, although I set this all up back in March. I enjoy reading other friends' blogs, like my friend's (VERY best friend, Allison V. Smith) SUPERFICIALsnapshots. I never seem to have anything to say, really, once I sit down to write, but since blogs are supposed to be "in the moment",, I'm starting.

Today it's snowing in Dallas, weather usually reserved for February. But it brings thoughts of Xmas, and that's exciting. Above's a photo of my tree in 2004. Trees and nativities are the funnest part of Xmas. Oh, yeah, and the friends and parties, too. ha ha.

So, I stayed home today and worked, and found this great music blog, The Hype Machine. You can search for mp3's across the internet. It's like a Google for songs. Check it out at The Hype Machine. In particular, I found this mp3 of John Lennon jamming to a tape recorder, playing the seeds of "She Said She Said". The song isn't anywhere near its final form, so it's really an interesting insight into his songwriting. THEN, on the same site, I read this piece about how Peter Fonda influenced the song in the first place. If you're interested you can read it at 100 Years in Ten Jumps. For Beatles geeks only.