Thursday, May 31, 2007

Britt opens for Sonic Youth!

Between gathering petition signatures for Trinity Vote, and Anna being back from college--not to mention trying to make a living--there's been no time for blogging.
HOWEVER....just got off the phone with Britt (right, in the photo above), and it turns out that Thurston Moore has asked him to open for Sonic Youth on July 19th at the historic Berkeley Community Theatre, where the likes of Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Clash and Led Zeppelin have played. Now is that cool or what?
Thurston is a customer of Britt's label notnotfun records. He's apparently very much into experimental music, and when he has the opportunity to ask someone to open, he likes unknown highly experimental bands like Britt's ROBEDOOR. Britt will be doing a collaborative set with his wife Amanda's band POCAHAUNTED.

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mad4music said...

Wow! Very cool! Hooray for Britt! I'm a longtime fan of Sonic Youth, so of course I already have my tix for this show---and Bev's going too.