Friday, December 01, 2006

Astro Boy & Osamu Tezuka

One of my customers from Boston called today, to order some KIMBA THE WHILE LION tote bags for her 15-year-old daughter, who wants to be an animé illustrator. We had a long conversation about Osamu Tezuka, the creator of KIMBA and ASTRO BOY. Visit the Tezuka World website, where you can play a game making ASTRO BOY dance here!

TEZUKA was the Walt Disney counterpart in Japan, but created with more intelligence and consciousness toward world peace than the more corporate Disney. Tezuka's themes dealt with friendship, nature, war, animals, dreams and other themes that dealt with humanity. It's sad that he never caught on here in the U.S. in a big way. And it added insult to injury when Disney ripped off Tezuka's KIMBA big time, to "create" THE LION KING. If you're interested in more detail about that rip-off, read Remake of Tezuka's Popular Story Turns Into Denial?

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