Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

The best Christmas Eve ever! My sister Beverly (second from left) came from San Francisco, with her husband Tom (far right). I haven't seen them in years, but we email and phone all the time. Tom has a great series of podcasts featuring 60's music, called Sonic Daydream . Check it out! You'd think Tom had spent his former reincarnation hanging out in Haight/Ashbury.
We all had dinner, then sat around the Christmas tree and had such great energy together, telling stories, laughing until out sides split. It made the season. Beverly and Tom are an extraordinary couple. They complement each other perfectly--Beverly is gregarious, extroverted, witty, funny and smart. Tom is laid back, measured and equally smart. They're so much fun together.
That's my brother Matt on the far left, then Beverly, my daughter Anna, my sister Leslie (who has the most infectious laugh EVER) and Tom.

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AllisonV said...

!!! I can't wait to meet Beverly & Tom someday!!! What nice things to say about your family. You are so very lucky! xo